PowerOn was founded in 2015. The company provides products and services for rail and power generation. The main products are connected to power supply and consist of system deliveries to switching stations, substations and mast points.

PowerOn has four agencies from European suppliers as well as own products to supply Bane NOR, the industrial and energy market. The company has per. February 2017 an order backlog of approx. NOK 13 million PowerOn has expertise in energy supply and rail. Egil Bretvik and Marit Vad with professional and market expertise and Rainer Puschmann, one of Europe’s leading experts in rail-contact management systems. Furthermore, the company has a very well-developed network within the aforementioned disciplines that ensure quality assurance in all processes.

PowerOn has built up a core business that has generated approx. 20 million in turnover, the first full year of operation with a profit margin of more than 10%. Due to major investment plans from the company’s customers, especially in the rail sector, we see a positive trend in the future, as for PowerOn, increasing revenue.

Special competence
PowerOn will also provide consultancy services as its own service or related to product deliveries. Independent consultancy services will be provided in connection with the design of energy supply to rail. Therefore, PowerOn has attached itself to Rainer Puschmann, who is internationally recognized in the field of contact management systems for rail and engineering of these.

PowerOn will provide cost-effective construction services, 3D drawing services and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) through its SriLankan partner, CadLanka. Cad Lanka has expertise in energy and rail technology products with special field FEA. These services are particularly important in PowerOns own product development, and CadLanka is central to customization, testing and good documentation of product deliveries.

PowerOn has an exclusive agency in Norway for several suppliers. These agencies are essential for delivery in accordance with agreed framework agreements. In addition, PowerOn has a large network of manufacturers for products within the field and energy in general.

PowerOn’s main products are supplied by subcontractors, while PowerOn will produce additional materials and specializations. PowerOn, according to the framework agreement, will assemble products for units and deliver this to energy plants and the Jernbaneverket, which will assemble the devices on their network. It is a strategically important activity to ensure adequate capacity and quality for assembly.